Pool Stats – HADAL

HADAL ITN Live Stats
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data updates every 60 seconds

The Cardano community offers great sources of stakepool performance information that will offer delegators unbiased data about how all stake pools are operating, including STHDL and HADAL. Because the Ouroboros protocol assigns slots based upon probabilities, rather than absolute thresholds, it is normal for a pool’s performance to fluctuate somewhat within the rankings, given a fixed stake. Below are links to a some of the community pool sites. In addition, both Daedalus and Yoroi wallets have some good pool performance data built right into them.

HADAL on the Cardano Shelley Explorer

HADAL on PoolTool*

*Note that while we report STHDL’s and HADAL’s current block height to PoolTool every 15 seconds, PoolTool’s update schedule can change without notice, so there may be a significant lag between what the pool nodes are doing and what is being publicly reported on PoolTool, especially during times of heavy block production.