StakeHodlers-2 (HADAL) is now live!

For a variety of reasons, our new pool has taken longer than expected to go live. Ticker HADAL is now available and accepting delegated stake. The pool has a margin of 2.75%, which means that 97.25% of the rewards go to the delegators. The STHDL pool will remain operational, but for those currently delegating to it, we recommend redelegating to HADAL to take advantage of lower pool margin.

Note that there are currently two instances of HADAL when you search for the ticker in either Daedalus or Yoroi. We are trying to correct this with the pool retirement mechanism and will post an update here when the second pool has been successfully retired with a retirement certificate on-chain.

In the meantime, despite the potential confusion of two pools with the same ticker, we decided to open up HADAL to allow delegators to take advantage of lower margins. In Yoroi, you can recognize the correct version of HADAL by the PoolID: 443ce6c7541640062e46df72375e07d30a72aa6247b8edde998b3f8d517bcc76. In either Yoroi or Daedalus, you will see one instance of HADAL with actual stake in it. The other instance of HADAL should continue to have no stake assigned to it, unless someone makes a mistake and delegates to the inactive pool. The other telltale sign that you have the correct version of HADAL is by its performance. The active instance of HADAL is on the first row of pools in Daedalus, as of this writing. The inactive version is ranked in the 600+ range on Daedalus. It should be very obvious which one is active, but let us know if there is any doubt and we’ll help you out.

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