About our names…

In the crypto lore, mostly borne out of Bitcoin, we believe, someone once transposed the L and D, turning the words hold, holder, holding, etc, into hodl, hodler, hodling, ect. 🙂

StakeHodlers was created with the recognition that we are all Stake-Holders in the Cardano ecosystem, but with the fun and crypto-ness of that early transposition that has taken hold (or hodl) in the cryptoverse since it was first written. Thus, instead of StakeHolders, we are StakeHodlers!

Our first pool, much like many first musical albums (remember those?), was named after our organization, StakeHodlers, with its appropriate ticker, STHDL.

Our second pool takes advantage of the pronounciation of hodl: hodəl. The ticker HADAL sounds like hodəl, but it pays homage to our favorite cryptocurrency, ADA.

So there you have it… everything for a reason!

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