About the CoolPool Consortium

During the Shelley Incentivized Testnet phase of the rollout of the next chapter of the Cardano ecosystem, several stake pool operators decided to work together for a variety of reasons. While the overall Cardano Community is second to none, it is also very large, and constantly communicating with more than a handful of other pool operators has become difficult as the testnet has progressed. In order to make our communications and shared learnings more efficient, we decided to create the CoolPool Consortium within the larger Cardano Community.

Our intent of the CoolPool Consortium is as follows:

  1. Retain our independence as pool operators, yet share knowledge and best practices among all CoolPool Consortium members;
  2. As we develop proven, data-driven best practices within the CoolPool Consortium, give those best practices back to the larger Cardano Community so that other stake pools benefit, thereby strengthening the operations and security of the overall Cardano ecosystem in which we’ve all invested time, energy, and money.
  3. Provide a safety net on which each CoolPool Consortium member can rely, if there are ever operational emergencies.
  4. Collective marketing and socialization to assist all CoolPool Consortium member pools.
  5. Promote both geographic and cultural diversity within the CoolPool Consortium.  Cardano is a global phenomenon with a mission of inclusion, rather than exclusion, and the CoolPool Consortium believes in aligning with that mission.

We are proud to belong to the overall Cardano Community, and we strongly believe in Cardano’s mission and bright future in promoting positive change to the world in which we all live. Thank you for taking a few minutes to read about our initiative.

Please click on any CoolPool Consortium member link below for additional details on a particular stake pool.







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