Staking is now Live in Daedalus!

If you had ADA in Daedalus on 29 November — when IOHK took the second balance snapshot — that ADA is now available to stake on the Cardano testnet. To do so, please go here to download Daedalus and start delegating your stake!

The process is quite easy with Daedalus (much more so than when we were setting up the testnet stake pools and had to manipulate wallets via the command line).

  1. Recover your test ADA into a balance snapshot wallet (a Byron-era wallet) using your 12-word recovery seed phrase. This will show the balance that you had in your wallet(s) on 29 November.
  2. Using a new, 15 word pass phrase, create a new rewards wallet for the Shelley Incentivized Test Net (a Shelley-era wallet).
  3. Once both wallets are created, you should transfer your test ADA from your balance snapshot wallet(s) to your rewards wallet(s). You are now ready to go on the ITN.
  4. Click on the Cardanoish-looking thing on the leftmost navigation pane. See the next picture for reference:
Daedalus Rewards wallet, on the staking screen. StakeHodlers pool (STHDL, # 68) is chosen in this example in which we’re viewing the stake pools screen. The Delegation center shows any wallets that you have on the testnet. After choosing a wallet whose ADA you wish to stake, you’ll be brought here to select a stake pool. There is a small fee (<1 ADA) for delegating stake, but without paying that small fee, you will not be able to participate in the rewards program.

That’s about it. Post a comment below if you have any specific questions or concerns. Happy staking! (I will post a note about Yoroi wallet once that becomes available.)

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